Posted by Ruth Ball

I was fortunate to be able to visit the Ruthin Gallery this weekend and must recommend the set of exhibitions currently on show.
The full set of works in the enamel exhibition Surface and Substance, has travelled from the joint venues in London, Electrum and CAA, and looks spectacular in Gallery One.
The equally impressive solo shows showcasing jeweller Jacqueline Mina and textile designer Ptolemy Mann in the other two inked galleries
are a delight.

Well worth a visit
- shows close 15th of January 2012.

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Ptolemy Mann

19 November 2011 –
15 January 2012

Gallery 1

The words ground-breaking and weaver don’t often appear in the same sentence but both are unavoidable when talking about Ptolemy Mann. She is a dynamic artist-craftsman-designer who never stands still, who continually pushes at the boundaries of weaving with her imaginative embrace of new technology and who always thinks big.

Annabel Freyberg

Jacqueline Mina
Touching Gold

19 November 2011 –
15 January 2012

Gallery 2

Jacqueline Mina is a consummately accomplished artist, continually experimenting with techniques which produce the most exquisite, textured and coloured titanium, platinum and gold jewellery. Her outstanding skill is but the means to create highly recognisable and characteristic jewellery, in an inventive and innovative language of her own.

Marina Vaizey

Jacqueline Mina: A touring exhibition in conjuction with The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, and Contemporary Applied Arts, London.

Surface & Substance
International Contemporary Enamel Jewellery

19 November 2011 –
15 January 2012

Gallery 3

Curated by Jessica Turrell, Surface & Substance showcases the work of thirty jewellers from Europe and North America whose innovative exploration of enamel challenges traditional preconceptions.

Ralph Bakker
Carola Bauer
Jamie Bennett
Stacey Bentley
Adrean Bloomard
Patrizia Bonati
Stephen Bottomley
Kathleen Browne
Jessica Calderwood
Helen Carnac
Bettina Dittlmann
Lydia Feast
Susie Ganch
Carolina Gimeno
Christine Graf
Karin Johansson
Ike Jünger
Kaori Juzu
Jutta Klingebiel
Esther Knobel
Ann Little
Liana Pattihis
Jacqueline Ryan
Isabell Schaupp
Vera Siemund
Marjorie Simon
Silke Trekel
Elizabeth Turrell
Jessica Turrell
Annamaria Zanella

A touring exhibition in conjuction with Electrum Gallery, London and Contemporary Applied Arts, London.